How Did I Get Here?

A TRUE STORY by Gary Riffenburg
Based on notes scribbled in the margins of a Better Homes & Gardens magazine found next to his withered corpse, and only “lightly edited” by his ex-wife for consistency, How Did I Get Here? is the harrowing tale of an arrogant, have-it-all, stock market playboy’s descent from unbridled infidelity to devastating isolation on an unknown island. MYSTERY • SUSPENSE • HORROR • AUTOBIOGRAPHY

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Merry Christmas, B*TCH!

Ronnie Little
She thought a restraining order, a sleepy mountain village a thousand miles away, and a doofus husband in a cardigan could save her. Well next time, that ho ho ho should live in a cabin without a chimney!!! HORROR • DRAMA

Twice on Sunday

the world's first pop-up book about abuse within the Catholic Church

Willy Parker, Jr.
Sometimes when very naughty things happen to you, you can feel weird after. But God still has a plan! He just works in mysterious ways. Let "Twice on Sunday" be your bible on how to forgive and forget - and forget again and again and again! RELIGIOUS • SELF-HELP • FANTASY


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